Seminars & Prayer Retreats

Crossroads to Healing presents Seminars, Workshops & Prayer Retreats around the southeast U.S. Here are a few that are offered presently. If you have a topic in mind not listed here, please contact me and let’s talk about it.


Where is God When You’re Hurting?

We’ve all had those times, when things have piled up and we’ve been praying, and nothing seems to be changing, when we’ve said, “Hey God! Where are you?”

This seminar is designed to help people struggling with mental illnesses realize God’s love for them. It can also help those that are mentally healthy know how to minister to those they care about who are dealing with mental illness without judgment.

No one likes it when it feels like God’s answer to your prayers is, “No.” But is that what is going on?

Trading Panic for Peace

Most people have times of worry, stress, fear and anxiety; some chronically so. How can you find peace of mind, heart and body through your faith? God knows what you are dealing with.

Defeating the Giants in Your Life

One good problem in your life can put you in a tailspin. And once that happens, your problems become insurmountable! There is a way to change your perspective and shrink your issues down to a size you can tackle, and it starts with God.

Forgiveness? Forget It!

Most people don’t understand what “forgiveness” really is. It seems unrealistic and at times impossible to forgive. What does it really entail? Does that mean also forgetting what has been done? Does it mean reconciling the relationship? Get answers to these questions and help in giving yourself the gift of forgiveness.

God’s Incomprehensible Love

What is God’s love like? Can we do anything that will stop his love?


Crossroads to Healing presents prayer retreats for churches and independent organizations. A prayer retreat is different for each group that presents it. It may be as short as 4 hours or as long as 2 days, and if desired, may include incorporating what has been talked and prayed about into a worship service. It’s all what you and your group desire.

If you have been thinking that this is something you would like to include for your church or group, give me a call and let’s talk about how we might create something very unique and meaningful for you.

If your church is anticipating a need, or if you have a personal need
for ministerial services, please contact us today.

E-mail or call us today at (336) 479-1657.